Artistic Team

Do It With Class Artistic Director - Rob UrsanRobert Ursan – DIWC Artistic Director/ Music Director/ Production Director

Professional musician/performer/writer/composer/teacher, Robert Ursan has been director and music director with Do It With Class Young People’s Theatre for 20 years.

A gifted singer and pianist, a prolific Canadian composer, a skilled theatrical director, and sought-after teacher, Robert is a visionary leader in the arts.  In addition to directing and teaching youth involved with Do It With Class Young People’s Theatre, he also writes and composes and orchestrates full musical productions for the company, including works such as Peter Pan (premièred in Regina, Sask, in March, 2015), Alice in Wonderland, Snow Queen and The Little Prince.

Born and raised in Regina, Robert received his undergraduate degree in music at Oberlin College, his graduate degree in Opera at the University of Toronto and his Post-Graduate degree in Opera at The Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama.

As the University of Toronto’s first recipient of the Luciano Pavarotti/Toronto Symphony Award for voice, it was clear early on that Robert was an uncommonly talented singer. After performing with opera companies and orchestras in Europe and Canada, he chose to return to Saskatchewan, where he has continued to perform and to pursue his interests in composition, direction, and teaching.

In addition to his work with Do It With Class Young People’s Theatre, Robert has directed musical theatre productions for Regina Lyric Musical Theatre (formerly Regina Lyric Light Opera Society) for more than 20 years.  He has also directed for Tye Productions, has composed for and performed with Regina’s Globe Theatre, and has composed full performance works for both Saskatchewan’s Prairie Opera and Do It With Class Young People’s Theatre.  He has in fact been instrumental in more than 100 major productions in the province over the past 20 years.

As a composer, Robert’s works are diverse, ranging from Opera and Musical Theatre to song cycles, string quartets, instrumental pieces and vocal repertoire.  As well, Robert has written more than 20 theatre scores. His works are performed regularly by musicians across Canada and around the world.

Do It With Class Young People’s Theatre is incredibly fortunate to have someone of Robert’s skill and ability helping develop and shape the craft of many young talented Saskatchewan performers.